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I remember my Saturday shopping trips down the Kings Road at the age of fourteen would often involve a trip to The Body Shop. It was THE gift location for young girls. The Vitamin E section being my personal favourite and the Nut Body Butter was always a winner, but I must admit, I hadn’t visited the store in quite some time.

I went recently and was given a little tour of the new collections. I was thoroughly impressed. It has expanded hugely over the years, one of its most exciting developments is its Nutriganics range, including ‘Oils of Life’ and ‘Spa of the World’, as well as their anti-ageing ‘Drops of Youth’.

After stocking up and trying out all the new products, here are my personal favourites from The Body Shop:

Drops of Youth Concentrate 

This lovely concentrate leaves my skin looking smoother, fresher, and healthier. It incorporates  technology from plant stem cells, Criste Marine and Beech Bud extract while helping boost skin cell renewal.  Once I have applied it my skin feels immediately moisturised and softer. I would give this concentrate a go if you are looking for a product to improve your skincare regime.

Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

This sleeping mask goes hand in hand with the Drops of Youth Concentrate, they are the perfect duo. Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask is a light moisturising mask which leaves my skin feeling so soft and renewed. Its really easy to use, you just apply it after the concentrate, just before you go to bed and leave it on all night… do not wash it off!  When I wake up in the morning my skin feels refreshed and replenished! I would recommend using it a couple of times a week for it to take full effect.

Oils of Life Facial Oil

I have always been a bit dubious about putting oils on my face but I have come round to the idea and I am really enjoying this one. If I know the ingredients are from a natural origin it really helps.  This product has a powerful blent of essential oils which really revitalise my skin and replenishes any moisture that is missing. This oil is lightweight and it easily absorbed.  I simply apply 1-2 drops onto my face and neck and massage into skin morning and evening.

Simple but very effective!

Japanese Camellia Cream

I always smother myself with body cream, especially in the winter months. This Body Shop cream is perfect for hydrating your body. It has a lovely velvety texture and it smells amazing too! It has camellia oil all the way from Japan in it!

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

There is nothing I love more than climbing into a big bath tub and covering my self with a good salt scrub! This scrub is lovely, it is the perfect texture to clean my skin and stimulate circulation. It gets rid of all of my dead skin cells too, and leaves me feeling revitalised.

It smells amazing too..

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