Baar and Bass, 336 Kings Road

Baar and Bass is a boutique fashion store on the Kings Road, comprising of some of the most beautiful and carefully selected pieces from designers from all over the world. The all together aesthetic is stunning, it really is a girl’s dream closet. Being in there makes you want to go traveling and stay in some luxury boutique hotel in Marrakesh… Or just get on a plane anywhere! Their collection of bikinis alone is enough to make any female giddy with excitement.

All the brands that are hot right now ( For Love and Lemons) and then some lesser known equally fabulous ones,  I had not heard of MLV until I saw them in there and I am a big fan. SO if you are strolling down the Kings Road I strongly suggest you pop in; your bank balance will suffer but your wardrobe will thrive, and that’s what’s important after all! They also have some beautiful and unique jewellery for those of you, like myself, who enjoy a statement piece.

My personal favourite is the silk pyjamas with “Bonne Nuit” written on them. So chic. So french. So unnecessary to buy, considering I don’t even wear pyjamas…. but they are calling out to me in all their silky gloriousness!

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Instagram: @baarandbass

Twitter: @baarandbass


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