Good Girl, Gone Bad

The last time I shot with Tommy Clarke aka THE.CLASSROOM was back in my Sydney days on Bondi Beach, so it was a joy to be reunited.

 Tommy captures the personality and character of his subjects that creates a storyline that draws you into the photograph.  I felt comfortable enough with him to try new things out and take a few risks,  I think it turned out really beautifully.

The shoot was fun and easy, we managed to get so much done in half a day.

I think when you connect with a photographer and you both have the same vision things always fall together right. Although that being said, we didn’t really have much of a plan. It was all quite spontaneous and it ended with me almost naked in the bath!

I have wanted to do a shoot in a bathtub for a while, Tommy by coincidence happened to have the perfect tub in his new flat. When I suggested we go upstairs and run a bath I think he thought I was over stepping the professional boundary a little bit. But once I’d assured him it was for professional reasons he came around to the idea. We agreed if it didn’t work he was not allowed to show the pictures of me flailing round in the bath tub like some red faced seal to anyone.


The final images feel quite heroine chic, fortunately (and not too seal like).

It’s like the aftermath of a crazy night when all you want to do is wash your sins away…

Caggie DunlopCaggie DunlopCaggie DunlopCaggie DunlopCaggie DunlopCaggie Dunlop

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