MEXICO behind the scenes from our film: TAME

Here are some behind the scenes from my recent trip to Mexico. After months of working on a script idea in London, me my friend Laure and David Petch ventured to Mexico to shoot our first film.

Despite the sleepless nights, constant travel, and plenty of things going wrong,  It was the best experience of my life. And an experience I will treasure forever.


This is Eduardo and Solly, who played mother and son in the film.




The police we had escorting us around….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The house we shot in.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA






David directing me on camera IMG_2268


The Peyote ceremony IMG_2258view from our hotel room. guatalajaraIMG_2269

The last day of filming at sunrise in a lake. IMG_2248


So excited to see the finished result….coming soon.

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