My Anti Aging Secrets

DSC3419Now I am 27, the way I look after my skin now will show in several years time! Gone are the days when I would bounce back from a weeks sun abuse and hard partying.  My skin now needs constant TLC to keep its youth.

I have experimented with many different brands and products, and selected the ones I use now on a weekly ritual to keep my skin looking young.

Origins Plantscription Anti-Ageing Power Serum

Origins is a long time favourite of mine. I grew up with the brand and have always loved its ethos to skin and wellbeing. It’s a great brand for any age, and this power Serum is a fantastic age fighter. Its super light weight, and have a really nice soft texture that very soft on the skin. Great as a base for the day or night after a good scrub!

DECLÉOR Prolagene Lift Discovery Kit

Great for a weekend away, this is all you will need to bring. Give yourself an at home facial with this lovely kit and feel radiant!

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Discovery Collection

I recently discovered Sarah Chapman and I love her! This has been one of my favs and I follow it daily, using the cleanse nightly and oil for evening and then the morning facial as well. It’s a really great brand and I am looking forward to going to see her personally when I get back to London!!

Egyptian Magic Cream 4oz

An oldie, but a goodie. This is a classic that has been around since the beginning of time! when something continues like this does and has such a loyal following you know its worth it. Staying power!

Imedeen Derma One Tablets

I have just started taking these, (along with some hair pills to make my hair grow!) and Its hard to know whether its working..I hope it is. It must do something! I have heard good things so fingers crossed and I will keep you updated with how I go. Trying to remember taking them is the struggle!

So there you have it, my lotions and potions to stay forever young…. Good luck. 😉