How to create Caggie’s “Natural” Makeup Look

It is the season to create a natural makeup glow. I have put together some of my favourite products to create a ‘no makeup’ look, once you have mastered this look you are sorted for the summer. It is a skill to apply makeup naturally, and LookFantastic have all the products you need.

First I opt for a good eye cream, my favourite at the moment is the Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream. This cream works wonders for improving dark circles, puffy eyes and it even helps wrinkles (you might as well start young). It leaves my eyes looking and feeling brighter. Using a good eye cream is the first step in creating a natural look, it creates a base for eye makeup and keeps your skin glowing and hydrated. This cream is easy to use, put a small amount of cream onto your finger and dab it from the inside of the eye outwards.

Then I reach for my Estee Lauder B-B Cream. This is a little gem, it provides moisture, protection and a flawless finish, without looking too thick or blocking up my pores. I love the natural glow it creates, I think it looks as though I have natural flawless skin… make sure you blend it properly for seamless perfection. It also has SPF 35 in it, so its great for holidays.

Team this with a easy to useĀ contour stickĀ for that sun kissed glow. I have started using a brand called PUR, their products are great and mineral based, also they do not test on animals. I am a Duel Ended Cameo Stick. It is an essential in my “no makeup” makeup look. If it is applied correctly it beautifully and subtly highlights and contours your face, defining all your natural features. The highlighter has light reflecting ingredients which really illuminate my face during the summer days. Both ends are a lovely creamy texture which blends easily for a natural look. It is also packed full with hydrating and anti-ageing vitamins which is just what everyone needs in the summer.

To create natural looking eyebrows is an art. I would choose a powder instead of a pencil for a subtle look. Benefits Brow Zings Palette has been in my makeup bag forever. I use the lightest shade as I think it creates a natural brow. It is really easy to use and everything comes in this little palette. There is wax for shaping, and a powder for setting, along with a brush to apply it with and a pair of mini tweezers for those stray hairs.

Then choose your favourite mascara, mine currently is Clinique’s Naturally Glossy Mascara. For this look it is perfect, it has a soft finish to is, but it still really lengthens and separates your lashes, making your eyes pop. The last thing you need to complete this look is a good lip balm. I don’t think I stand alone with this one, PAW PAW is the ultimate essential. This is my secret weapon, not only can you use it on your lips but all over your body. This one has a lovely red tint to it, very subtle but still lovely, perfect for adding some colour to your lips, or even your cheeks! PAWPAW has healing qualities to it, it protects and moisturizes the skin, but it can also help with sun burn, skin irritations and anything you can pretty much think of. Everyone needs this essential in their handbag.

There we have it, the six products I use to to create my natural look. Follow these steps and you will obtain a beautiful “no makeup” makeup look in seconds.