#LFHELLO Beautiful

LF beauty box, caggie


Have you ever had a box of dreams delivered to your door every month? Look Fantastic’s beauty box never disappoints me, it offers a selection of hand picked goodies which are wrapped up perfectly and sent to your home. Every month I am unsure whether it will live up to the previous months box, but it always exceeds my expectations. The packaging is exquisite, especially the box design’s. May’s beauty box was a beautiful turquoise, one of my favourite colours… so I know the box will come in handy again. The concept behind this box really rang true to me, it is all about believing in yourself and having confidence and happiness. I believe that the key to being beautiful inside and out is really believing in yourself and being happy in your own skin. The box focuses on finding those products that help make people feel incredible and channel your inner beauty. This month there was no makeup inside, instead focusing on products to make your skin, hair and body feel good (YEY). These products are perfect for giving your hair the TLC it needs and your skin the correct nutrients.


REN Wake Beautiful Night-Time Facial

I think this is a wonderful invention! I love REN products and when I saw that this was in the Look Fantastic box it got me excited. How great is a product that gives your skin a facial while your asleep?! It is a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for a facial and it doesn’t waist precious time. This product is an overnight treatment which helps to brighten and even out your skin tone and produce a healthy glow. I have loved using this,  apply it once a week for a mini facial that will keep your skin refreshed and energised.

Decléor Intense Nutrition Cream

What I love about Decleor products is that they instantly remind me of a spa. This product is a lovely soft formula which helps product your skin from all the harmful elements in the atmosphere. Living in London I think this is very important, I try and help my skin in every way possible, the cream boosts the reconstruction of lipids to create a barrier against all the grime and elements. It also has a wonderful scent of Cranberries which makes it even more luxurious.

Wet Brush

This instantly grabbed my attention, I had never heard of such a thing before this beauty box. However, I am now fully invested in this brush, it is a wet brush that does what it says on the ‘tin’, it brushes your hair when it is wet. I always wondered if there was a way I could brush my hair in the shower without ripping half of it out, and it turns out I needed this brush. It easily detangles my hair without tugging at all. Problem sorted.

Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment

I have been using the Wet Brush with this treatment and they are the dream team. This treatments has so many benefits (10 to be exact), it makes your hair healthy and shiny while repairing all the damages you have caused, if you care for your hair, it will always show! My hair can get really dry in the summer and I defiantly feel like this is helping.

Those are my favourite products from the May box, it was a tricky decision as they were all great, I would really recommend you try the Look Fantastic Beauty Box, once you start receiving them you will not stop, they are so addictive! It is really easy to sign up, you choose your subscription length 1,3,6 or 12 months and then simply receive a box of dreams every month with products worth over £50 inside (it only costs£11.25 a month- including P+P). It is a great way of getting to know new products and collecting those travel size essentials which are perfect for holidays.