A Whole Lot of Lykke Li Love


Lykke Li has, for many years, been an iconic figure in the music industry. Her raw and honest lyrics and powerful melodies dive into the belly of your soul and coil themselves around emotions you thought you’d laid to rest She is also one of my all time personal heroes.

She is triumphant in keeping her edge, and authenticity (considering herself a boutique singer), whilst simultaneously achieving phenomenal global success.

There has always been a detachedness to Lykke Li, in pictures, in performance and in song. The effect is one of artistic aloofness. Which has probably contributed to her staying power, she never runs the risk of being over exposed like so many artists do these days. There are no tricks or gimmicks with Li. nothing to hide behind. Which allows for the music to speak for itself.

Lykke Li’s third album I Never Learn consists of “nine songs that will rip your heart apart” to quote the indie pop princess herself. And that it does. Li is a self-confessed tortured soul, “super-sensitive. a dreamer, a dancer, a loner, and a wanderer.” Over the years she has managed to evolve as a singer without losing the rawness of emotion that makes her so compelling. Her songs have notably got bigger, as she has, but she has never ‘sold out’. I think she is an artist that writes because she truly needs to in order to exist and because music is a way of exercising her emotional demons. Artists like her are rare to come across, which is probably why she will stand the test of time.

Here’s a quote from Lykke from an interview with The Guardian:

“Well, the one thing I love is the performing. The reason for my making music is that art is about escapism. Music is a connection, it’s warmth…For me, what I do is about giving birth to an idea. I become obsessive about my ideas. I dream them; they live inside of me. But to be able to stay true to your vision until the bitter end? That’s success – there’s nothing higher than that.” Her eyes light up. “Everything else is just bullshit.”

Sadness Is a Blessing

No Rest For The Wicked

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