Caggie Meets: Nina Nesbitt

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Nina Nesbitt is back with a killer new track called “Chewing Gum.” I have a feeling 2016 is going to be a huge year for her! Here’s a little Q&A I did with the Scottish star.

Caggie: Your latest single “Chewing Gum” is so catchy, who did you write this record with and can you tell us a bit about the process?

Nina: I wrote it with two of my best mates Dan Lancaster and Sam Preston. We formed a little writing team and always have a great time making music together. It just feels like hanging out with your mates and not awkward or clinical which a lot of writing sessions tend to feel. It basically started with Sam on synth and me saying I wanted to think of a ‘kiddie’ metaphor to represent something darker. The song kind of wrote itself between us and started off pretty slow. It got sped up about 12bpm and that’s when I was like ah this feels like the first single. I think there are probably better songs to come but I felt like Chewing Gum made a statement and felt like the right returning song.

Caggie: Your sound has definitely become more electronic and the sound is much bigger, who would you say has influenced you?

Nina: I think living in London has really influenced me. The feel of it is exciting, energetic, gritty, dark, buzzing etc and I really wanted to capture that in the music. I also have come to the terms with the fact that I love pop music. And that’s what I’m going to make for this album. I love the sonics of The Weeknd and a lot of modern pop albums. I think also a lot of angsty songwriters have influenced me such as Alanis Morissette and Debbie Harry, it’s made me realise I don’t need to censor my music or how I feel, I can just be honest.

Caggie: What can we expect from the album?

Nina: It’s going to be a pop album. It’s going to sonically have one feel but will be a mix of upbeat songs and a few ballads (of course). It’s also just not going to hold back lyrically. I’m still writing it so it’s hard for me to say exactly right now.

Caggie: What’s your favourite track from the album and why?

Nina: I couldn’t pick until it’s fully written to be honest. I’ll have to wait and see. One of my recent favourites is Things I Say When You Sleep which I wrote the other month because the lyrics are really personal and rambling.

Caggie: Who would be at your dream dinner party, dead or alive?

Nina: Michael Jackson, Debbie Harry, Alanis Morissette and Prince. I think it could make for an interesting evening?

Caggie: What era would you live in if you could pick one?

Nina: The 80s. It was such an amazing time for pop music.

Caggie: How would you describe your musical style?

Nina: Awkward pop.

Caggie: What is your favourite quote/ motto to live by?

Nina: Oh I couldn’t really pick one. My mood changes daily aswell, but I think something that is always important to remember is to be kind to people, and don’t take anything seriously.

Caggie: Describe yourself in three words.

Nina: Driven, awkward, creative

Caggie: what makes you happy?

Nina: Writing songs that I love. Food. Yoga. Kittens. People I love. Touring.

Caggie: Tell us something about yourself no one knows?

Nina: My favourite new food is cous cous.

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